• Fuzail Siddiqui

    My BPD does not wish to be employed but likes to spend way beyond my (the breadwinner’s) means. This causes the family to go into debt. To keep expenses within available means is something my BPD does not appear to be able to think about.

  • Adelaide Dupont

    I noticed on your Twitter about the 58% impairment rate.

    Any comparisons to other personality disorders? Other disabilities? (especially anxiety and mood).

    It would also be good to hear about the factors that keep people with Borderline Personality Disorder in – and out – of jobs.

    Would love to know about the significant economic consequences.

  • donna

    My daughter has bpd and just hacked into my accounts and spent almost all the money for the wedding. They got married but not like they had planned on. My husband notice since they have been gone on their honeymoon we are terrified by her coming home. We love her but just can no longer handle it. My husband just had open heart surgery and I have high blood pressure. She lives beyond everyones means. I don’t believe she can hold down a job at all.

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