Borderline Personality Disorder

#BPD and money – a constant problem

In 2001, I had over almost a million dollars in the bank. All that money is now gone.

What happened? Well, my wife with BPD spent a lot of the money on trips (which were fun), clothes, jewelry and other “non-renewable” things. I’ve found that money and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) don’t mix well.

These days money is a constant problem in my household. While I make a decent amount in my day job, it’s never enough.

It was impossible for me to prevent my wife from spending large amounts of money on (what I thought at the time) trivial things. I didn’t discover the skills from When Hope is Not Enough until 2005 – by that time all the money was gone.

I decided to write another “side” book about my experiences with generating money from my work as Bon Dobbs. While this book is not related to BPD, it can help you if you have the same money problems as I do.

I don’t want this book to “sully” my brand. I still care deeply about family members of people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other emotional disorders.

Yet, I felt it was time to share my experiences with passive income and relate the mistakes I made.

If you have money problems as a result of living with a person with BPD (as I do), perhaps this book can help you. The Kindle Edition is now available and the physical book and iStore version will be available shortly.

How to Make Money in Your PJs: How I inadvertently built and grew a home-based passive income and how you can do it deliberately (Kindle Edition)

Last Monday morning from midnight to six A.M., while I slept comfortably in my bed, I made $112.83. This book explains how to develop a passive income online. I did everything wrong. Yet, it still worked. You can learn from my mistakes and missteps. You can do it right the first time and make hundreds (if not thousands) a month in passive income.

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