Borderline Personality Disorder

Angharad speaks out about mental health stigma

She hopes that by sharing her story she can help to end the stigma that surrounds people with mental health illnesses.

Angharad speaks out about mental health stigma

A YOUNG woman has spoken out against the stigma of mental illness.

Angharad May, 25, from Ruthin was speaking ahead of her appearance on a Channel 4 documentary last week.

She suffers from borderline personality disorder and anorexia brought on by the first condition.

Angharad has lived with mental illness all of her life and says that she feels that she is treated by some people like a child.

But she hopes that by sharing her story she can help to end the stigma that surrounds people with mental health illnesses.

She said: “I hope that speaking out I can do my bit to change things. People do treat me differently, I do get treated like a child and that’s because anorexia changes people physically as well as mentally.”

Because of her condition Angharad rarely ventures out of her own home and she is unable to hold down a job.

But she hopes to return to university next year where she will study Spanish and English literature in Cardiff.

“My psychologist is helping me get ready for college by talking to me about the way I think about things.


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  • invisiblerain

    There is only a stigma when I am offended by what others say about me. Believe it, people at my job are constantly treating me as if I’m the alien. I encounter people whispering almost every day when I am sitting down in my cubicle..and as soon as I get up or I turn around in my chair, I see and I hear people briskly hushing up or breaking away from each other. Yes, I do. Of course it annoys me sometimes, because it’s getting old as mold. But I also have learned in DBT, CBT, anger management, and one to one psycho-therapy that stress is inevitable. Stress is also a healthy challenge so long as I am willing to ignore jerks that purposely get off on seeing my angry emotions react to their sneaky B.S. Yes, they DO know that their motives are screwed up; however, they do NOT know what they’re doing because I have to be the more intellectual one using their own powers of psychological games against them. Period. People are jerks everywhere I go; and I, too, can be a jerk, as well, because I tend to be judgmental. So, I must learn to not permit the so-called stigma of my Borderline P. D. to trip me up, or down..just take a trip down the hall and say a prayer in private. Yes, it does work for me. Peace.

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