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Amy Winehouse Crops Up Again

This morning I read an article about Amy Winehouse supposedly putting a cigarette out on her cheek. Of course Winehouse is the #1 candidate on my list of possible celebrity Borderline Personality Sufferers. Here is a copy of the article and a link to one version on the Internet:

Singer reported to have self-harmed in restaurant

Amy Winehouse reportedly stubbed a cigarette out on her own cheek in a restaurant.

The troubled singer was apparently having a crafty fag as she sat with pals in a London eatery last week.

But when a waitress asked her to stop smoking, it’s claimed she pushed the burning ciggie into her own skin.She looks like a hillbilly witch to me

‘She was so out of it she didn’t feel the pain,’ an onlooker tells The Sun.

‘Everyone else looked completely stunned. The waitress covered her mouth in shock and just walked off to tell the manager. It was a horrible sight.’

Last week, Amy, 24, was snapped with a swollen infection on her face, which her spokesman said was impetigo.

Meanwhile, jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, is in a bad way himself.

It’s claimed he’s been self-harming in Pentonville Prison, where he is being held on charges of assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

A cry for help perhaps? Or just an impulsive action to show her disapproval for having to put out the butt? Usually, people with BPD use self-harm for pain relief, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Amy Winehouse.


  • Jane


    Thanks for your great blog. I shared it with non-BP SO the other day (that’s right, I’m the BP), and I hope he’s been reading it.

    Your comments on Amy Winehouse seem right on to me. I’ve thought she was BP since *before* I’d ever read anything about her personal life–I made that judgment just based on the lyrics to her Back to Black album. I happened to be listening that album a lot right after I started thinking I might have BP, and I affectionately dubbed it “my borderline album.” The whole thing is filled with descriptions of self-destructive behavior (alcoholism, relationship-destroying infidelity, etc.), self-loathing (“I cheated myself, like I knew I would…you know I’m no good”), and general relationship problems. I wasn’t at all surprised to read that she’s had physical fights with her husband, self-injures, is an alcoholic, etc. I really hope she gets help.

    Also, I think Amy’s “I cheated myself” song–even just the chorus–gets a lot of BPD pathos just right. See, i think BPs frequently hurt others and act out to reinforce their belief that they’re inherently evil people. Because if they’re not inherently evil, then maybe it’s just the world that’s unstable and evil, and that’s harder to deal with than your own evil. At least then, it’s controllable/understandable in some way. My own upbringing was extremely chaotic and dysfunctional but to this day, I still think of all of the problems in my childhood as being my fault–on some level I knew this isn’t true–but I just can’t rid myself of that view. I think that’s easier to accept than the truth that it was painful and scary for reasons outside of my control.

    Sorry for the long post, but hopefully it’ll help someone!

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