Borderline Personality Disorder

3 Low- or No-Cost Resources to Help Improve Your Mental Health

Support groups provide an opportunity for you to learn and heal from other members’ experiences and for them to learn from yours as well.

3 Low- or No-Cost Resources to Help Improve Your Mental Health

Dr. Matt Goldenberg D.O.

Many people who struggle with stress, mental illness or sub-optimal mental health lack the time and finances to engage in weekly therapy or ongoing medication management. Other individuals may be interested in trying alternatives prior to starting medications but lack knowledge of available resources. Even those with the best medical insurance, and the good fortune of unlimited finances can find it difficult to access quality mental health treatment when it is needed the most.

I have several easily accessible and low- or no-cost recommendations that can help in all of these situations. Whether you have a personality disorder or mood disorder (which were the topics of my previous post), or another mental illness, there is help readily available. These resources can also be beneficial if you have a friend or family member with mental illness and you want to educate or find support for yourself.

1) Self-Help Books
There are many great books that can serve as a resource for a wide range of mental health diagnoses. Sometimes my patients recommend books that I add to my library.


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